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About Us

We believe travel is for everyone. It helps us learn about ourselves and the world around us.

Our goal is to help people from more backgrounds experience the joy of discovery. Because we believe this makes the world kinder, more inclusive, and more open.

Like you, travel is in our DNA. At thetecschool, we believe that travel opens the door to life's best and most memorable experiences. And we've learned that the best trip is about letting yourself out, leaving every day behind, and indulging in yourself, not just sightseeing.

As a traveler, you're in for a ride, and at thetecschool, we're in for a ride, too. Over the past two years, travel has changed. We think deeply about not just how we travel, but why we travel and how to best serve passengers on their journey - and we enter our 50th year with passion and commitment. Besides the determination to help others.

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